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Celtic Tattoos are very popular among masses. Celts were ancient native people of Europe. Celtic Tattoos are very attractive. Both men and women can get these tattoos inked on their body. Different Celtic signs are now used as tattoos. The most important thing about Celtic Tattoos is that they are simple and very attractive. There are different types of Celtic Tattoo designs available. These are Celtic Knot Tattoos, Celtic Cross Tattoos, Spiral Tattoos and the tattoos possessing designs of plants and animals.

Celtic Knots are the most common Celtic Tattoos. Celtic knots form the basis of Celtic Tattoos. Celtic Knots are the symbol of infinity and in these tattoos you will see that they are designed in such a way that they are extending towards infinity. When Celtic Knots are combined with other tattoo designs, it looks more wonderful. Celtic Knots tattoos are also used for bordering of other tattoo designs.

celtic cross tattoos

Celtic cross tattoos are also very popular tattoos, especially among Christians. Usually these tattoos are a symbol of faith towards Christianity, but these also have other meanings attached to them. In the Celtic cross Tattoos, the two lines in the in the horizontal and vertical direction are a symbol of stability towards the two opposite powers.

Celtic Armband Tattoos are also very popular among the masses. These tattoos are smaller in size and are very attractive. Different types of designs are used in Celtic Armband tattoos. The different designs are flowers, hearts, snakes, spirals, etc. You can also make your own unique design, if you are creative enough.

Other Celtic tattoo design which is common among people, especially women is Celtic Butterfly Tattoo Design. Celtic Butterfly Designs are not same as the traditional butterfly tattoos. In Celtic Butterfly Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoos are in fusion with Celtic Knot tattoos. In traditional Celtic tattoos there is no use of colors, but you can add some color in Celtic Butterfly Tattoos in order to make them more attractive and revealing. These tattoos look great when they are inked on the lower back of women.

Another Celtic Tattoos which are popular among people are the people are tattoos possessing the images of animals. The images include the pictures of creatures like lion, birds, snakes, dragons, lizards, spiders, etc. The most important source of Celtic Tattoo design is the Book of Kells, belonging to the medieval period. This book forms the basis of Celtic Tattoo Designs, which are making people crazy these days. When Celtic Tattoos are mixed with different colors, they look more stunning and attractive.

There are in-numerous Celtic Tattoos available online to choose from. It depends on your personal choice, which tattoo you are choosing. You can take the help of your friends and colleagues in deciding the tattoo. Think many times before getting yourself inked with a tattoo, as most of the tattoos are permanent to your body. It is always advisable to seek the help of a professional tattoo artist because a professional only knows the real art of tattooing.

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