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What Tattoo should I get?

Getting tattooed is a very bold step. In the process of tattoo making you have to tolerate immense pain. The first question that comes in the minds of people is about the type of tattoo they should get on their body. There are different designs of tattoos available. Among them, Tribal Tattoos, Gothic Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoos, Celtic Tattoos, Star Tattoos, etc. are most popular ones.

Take enough time in order to research about the tattoo which you want to get placed on your body. Internet is the most common mode to search for the appropriate tattoo. There are numerous tattoo galleries available online. The thing you must consider before selecting the tattoo is the body part where you want to get tattooed. Because, body part help in determining the size of tattoo. If you want to get tattoo on your back or chest, then go for large tattoo.

Thoroughly search the web for the right tattoo. You can download free flash books of the designs of tattoos. Show the designs to your near and dear ones and take their opinion. Your near and dear ones know you to a great extent and they will help you in selecting the right tattoo.

It is very important that you know or not, the kind of design which will suit you. The design which looks good on your friend may not look good on you. Discuss the designs which are in your mind, with the workers of tattoo parlor. It may be a possibility that the design which is on paper, you may not get the same design on your body. Inquire about all things before getting inked with a tattoo.

You may also personalize your design by drawing an image yourself. Just give the rough sketch and the rest of the things tattoo artist will handle.

Talking about the different designs, Cross Tattoos are used to show love and respect to Christianity. They have a religious angle attached to them. There are different categories of Tattoos. So, if you are a Christian, and want to show your love and respect towards the religion, go on for the Cross Tattoos.

Other most common design of tattoo is Tribal Tattoos. These tattoos are thousands of years old and till now people have great craze towards these types of tattoos. In these tattoos the replica of plants, animal and other natural things is depicted. So, if you are nature lover go on for this type of tattoo.

Another common design preferred by people, mostly by women is Lower Back Tattoos. These tattoos are placed on the lower back of women and look very sexy and appealing. So, if you want to feel more sexy and sensuous, then Lower Back Tattoos are for you.

Butterfly Tattoos are also very popular among masses as butterflies are symbol of delicacy and elegance. Butterfly Tattoos also have other symbolic meanings attached to them.

These were some of the popular designs of tattoos. Other than this, various other designs are also available.

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