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Where should I get the tattoo?

Tattoos are emerging as a great weapon to express your ideas, thoughts, expressions and many more. Getting tattooed is a very painful task, especially if you are new to the world of tattoos. Very sharp needles are pinched on the skin in order to make a tattoo. The question which comes into the minds of people is that on which part of the body they get a tattoo. The other question is that which tattoo to choose from as there is a myriad of designs available all over.

Selecting the body part is an important thing, as tattoos last long on body for the whole life. If you want a large tattoo, then back is the suitable place and if you want a small tattoo, then you can use your feet, neck, arms, etc.

In different situations, you don’t want your tattoo to be seen by others. If you fall into these situations frequently, then you must not consider getting tattoos on wrists, neck, etc. However, there are some people who want that only their near and dear ones look at their tattoo. They don’t want to show their tattoo to the whole world. For them, the places which can be hidden easily suits best.

You can get tattoo throughout your body except hairs, tongue, teeth and nails. Men get tattoo for show off while women get tattoo in order to decorate their body. The most common parts where you can get tattoo inked are head, arms, ribs, nipples for women, ribs, chest, genitals, hips etc.

You can get the tattoo inked on your head. In order to get the tattoo on your head you have to shave the hairs of your head. If you want to hide the tattoo just grow the hairs. Generally, the area above the ears is inked but some people get their whole head tattooed.

Most of the people get the tattoo inked on the back of their neck. The designs common to this area are tribal tattoo and the one showing the replica of batman. In order to reveal the tattoo on the back of neck please keep your hairs short. When you don’t want to show the tattoo, just grow your hairs. That’s the main reason for preferring back of neck tattoos.

Other preferred area is upper chest. Here, you get enormous space to get a tattoo. Both men and women can get tattoo at this place. This area is appropriate for large tattoos. Some women get tattoo on their breast. But proper care must before placing tattoo in delicate organs like breasts.

The most popular area for getting tattoo is the back of person. Here, you don’t have to compromise with the length of tattoo because there is enough space available here for large tattoos. But, getting tattoos here is a costly affair.

There are some other places available for getting a tattoo. But, these are not very common. For getting a tattoo seek the help of professional tattoo artist only.

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